About The Shishukunj, Indore

At The Shishukunj International School, we believe recognising potential in each child and nurturing it in their formative years lays a resolute foundation to academic and non - academic success. We provide them with a holistic environment that stimulates healthy and active development in all spheres. Our curated curriculum instills skill sets right from critical thinking and problem solving to imagination and collaboration amongst students.

Furthering Our Legacy. Retaining Our Values.

When it comes to the potential of your child, there’s more than what meets the eye, which is why you need the right school. With 20+ years of outstanding academic and co - curricular performance The  Shishukunj International School - The No. 1 co - ed school in Madhya Pradesh, now opens its new campus at Indore - Ujjain Road. Spread amidst verdant nature, the campus offers state - of - the - art infrastructure that provides for a host of sporting and co - curricular activities to help realise your child’s potential.

The Shishukunj International School - North Campus

CBSE Affiliation No. 1031254

Gram Badodia Ema, Behind Vishwanath Dham, Indore - Ujjain Road, Indore


+91 6262628311
+91 6262628312

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